Animal Farm Guided Inquiry #1

What conditions are needed for a revolution to occur? Based on your reading so far, what is the most significant factor leading the animals to revolution?

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the most significant factor that lead the animals to revolt is how poorly the humans were taking care of the animals. As a result of this, Mayor, a wise old pig whom all animals respect, gives a speech that spurs the animals to revolt. He says that humans are “the only creature that consumes without producing […] [yet] [they are] the lord of all animals,” revealing to the other animals that humans are the problem and the animals need to step up (2). He gives examples such as, “gallons of milk […] [going] down the throat of [their] enemies” and “young porkers [who] will scream [their] lives out at the block within a year” (2-3). Major also calls attention to the fact that not only are their enemies consuming what the animals rightfully  produced, but they also give less reward and appreciation to those very animals. The animals ” are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies,” which means the humans don’t feed them to fulfill their stomachs after doing work. Eventually after a profound and convincing speech, he is met with a “tremendous uproar” (3). This speech also highlight certain conditions in order for a revolution to occur. After the speech, nearly everyone realizes they have been treated like slaves and decides to side with Major. Besides numbers siding with the idea of revolution, another condition is that a lack of fairness has to be dealt to the minority, which in this case are the animals. In conclusion, the inequality between the humans and the animals and Major’s speech, which pushed this idea, is the most significant factor as to why the animals revolted.


DOL #1: Sourcing a Significant Personal Object



Inquiry Question

What is the story of my Nintendo 3DS?


My 3DS is a primary source that shows my experiences and what I was like when I was younger through the item itself. Nintendo created it in 2011. It was manufactured in China.


Nintendo was going through a major decline in sales at the time but that didn’t stop them from still making products. However, the drop in sales could’ve meant that employees would have been fired which would slow down the process of making new products. An earthquake also hit Japan in the spring of 2011 which might have impacted the rate at which they work. Also, more powerful home consoles were on the rise and giving major competition to Nintendo.


The device has quite a lot of hours on it which can tell you how long the user has been using it for. A piece of edge is broken off and missing which tells you it has probably been damaged by dropping, falling, or by some other accident. I cannot explain how it works even though one side connecting the top and bottom can unhinge.

Inferences About Perspective

The creator belongs to Nintendo which is a titan in the video game industry. They made this source for kids who want to play video games who want to play wherever and not just at home. Although it was aimed at kids, it could be used by anyone as the device can run games for all ages. The cut in sales really didn’t affect Nintendo’s quality of work which shows that they value the quality of their product more than money.

Inferences About Inquiry Question

From examining this source, I learned the story of the source and the story of those who made the source. It extended my knowledge about what I knew and how they made it so that the source would somehow get into my hands. I have further questions about what the creator are planning to do with the 3DS after some time because they are going to eventually stop selling them. What’s next?

Makes and Breaks Essay

Imagine reaching out to someone. Imagine longing for their help, company, love, but every time you extend your hand, they slap it away, spit on you and call you scum. Now imagine the same situation but instead of neglecting and abusing you, they love and accept you. Which situation would you prefer? Similarly, in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we see two pairs of lovers, one with passionate mutual love and another with only one partner yearning for the other. Both pairs run off into the forest, each one desiring of loving who they want, while magical beings alter their wants and fears, distorting their views of reality. By examining the relationship between Lysander and Hermia, and of Demetrius and Helena, we can see that mutual love is key in order to have a good relationship.


Lysander and Hermia’s relationship emphasizes strong love from both sides, and without it, the relationship would fall apart as seen as when they were broken apart themselves. When Hermia says, “So will I grow, so live, so die, my lord, Ere I will yield my virgin patent up Unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke My soul consents not to give sovereignty,” she is saying that she would rather die than be with one who she doesn’t love. This not only highlights her beliefs and views of common society, but also that of her version of ‘true love’ (1.1.79-82). She, as well as Lysander, believe in lovers loving each other, and being with each other, no matter the hardships they face. “O hell, to choose love by another’s eyes! […] Or, if there were a sympathy in choice, War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it, Making it momentary as a sound,” (1.1.140-143). They see having someone else choose their love for them as hell, and now that they realize that they do live in this hell, they seek to flee. They reject the cruel world they live in, and abscond, thinking that as long as they have each other, they are willing to face whatever comes ahead. One is another’s heaven and if one were to magically love someone else for example, the other would likely be confused and likely kill themselves, realizing that they are not complete without the other.


Unlike Lysander and Hermia’ relationship, the early part of Demetrius and Helena’s relationship teaches us how one-sided love only brings more hate and can hurt us in more ways than one. “And even for that do I love you the more. I am your spaniel. And, Demetrius, The more you beat me, I will fawn on you,” (2.1.202-204). Words of affection said by Helena are only rebuffed and returned with words of hate by Demetrius. Helena even goes as far as to call herself Demetrius’ “dog” just to be his lover (2.1.210). Helena loves Demetrius beyond reason, however, Demetrius cannot return the love. He loves someone else, a wish fueled by greed, which has made him almost subconsciously hurt others in the way of getting what he wants. She is risking getting abused, verbally and physically, other explicit things, and even killed by being close to Demetrius. Nevertheless, she loves him so much, she is willing to risk her life by going into the woods, where she would be all alone if Demetrius would leave her, as he is threatening to do. However, to Helena,” It is not night when [she does] see [his] face,” so she thinks that she is safe when near him (2.1.221). Everything seems to disappear when he is around that she seeks nothing but his love and embrace. Being blinded by love, Helena does not perceive the dangers that come with a one-sided relationship and puts herself in great risk.


After analyzing contrasting relationships in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we see that passionate mutual love can greatly improve a relationship while a one-sided relationship can significantly damage a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Reading from these types of other lives can improve our own. In the play, Helena is oblivious to red flags around her because she loves Demetrius so much. We can apply this to our own lives. If we see that the relationship we are in is one-sided, it’s important to let go sometimes. At the end of the day, we have to help ourselves first, in order to help others. So, it’s important that when you are reaching your hand out, you find someone who is willing to hang on just like you are.

In-depth 3

The amount of progress I have made since the last post has surprised even me. I have a new set of brushes, ones that don’t leave hairs lying on my paper after use, unlike my old ones. These new brushes are exactly what I was looking for before and now I have them. I had my set of paints for some time now; they are vibrant and work brilliantly. Now that I have all may materials, I can work without hassles.

I attended a walk-in art class in Port Moody which I am very appreciative for as, sadly, I still do not have a mentor. I have sent out four emails since the beginning to acquire a mentor. Two declined and two haven’t responded yet and I don’t think they ever will. My latest one has been to the Port Moody Art Centre, asking if one of their instructors could be the one. I think my emails informative and intriguing, but they certainly didn’t seem to think so. This has actually been quite upsetting but I do not plan to stop. I plan to go to two different Art Centres in person this week asking for a mentor.

Nevertheless, I still managed to have small conversations with the instructor during the art class that I attended. Whenever I asked a question to engage in conversation, the instructor answered in detail and was very passionate. She was interesting because she was “speculative”(46). Instead of giving me answers she suggested I try different things. As de Bono says, “It is always important to get to the truth but being interesting is more important than winning an argument”(52). Instead of telling me a specific way to do it or showing me how, she showed me that “possibilities can then be explored – even if they are finally rejected”(44).

During the class, I learned different effects of warm and cool colours and how they affect background and foreground. Here is an example of something similar I did:

Image result for warm  cool colours painting contrast

I also learned some essential techniques which I definitely will use in the future. I will start taping the canvas of paper down before I start. Sometimes when I paint, the paper moves and it has obstructed some of my paintings. The art class I attended had the paper taped to the desks when we walked in and it proved invaluable. The tape was also like a focusing tool as it drew my eyes in and encouraged me to focus. Another big tip I learned is wetting the paper before I start. A little bit of moisture allowed the paint to flow easier. I felt a little bit more in control as I didn’t add all the water later either. I would do this before and I made a mess because of how water was in the paper instead of on.

Letter to Theseus

Dear Your Highness and Grace, my beloved King Theseus,

I am writing you this letter to persuade you in the hopes of letting the course of destiny and true love run smooth. Demetrius and I were destined to be together. He loved me once, and I have always loved him. But the problem is that he has stopped loving me and started going after my best friend! My best friend, however, loves some other man whom I have no business with. And the man loves her back! How adorable that is. So, why not let them be a happy couple and let us also be a happy couple. If he has loved me before, why cannot he love me again? True, there is a law stating that one must listen to parent and wed whom the parent sees fit; but please try to show some empathy, my lord. What if you could not love Hippolyta because of some foolish law forbade you? Defiant and strong, I am sure your love knows no bounds. The law of love overpowers any law, even that of the gods. Our love, and everyone’s love is the same. Another reason why Demetrius is not suitable for Hermia is because he is not loyal. His love for me was like lightning; it was very strong, but within an instant it was gone. I am afraid he might leave Hermia as he left me. I do not want my best friend to suffer such a fate. Do not let her die, at the very least, her her alive. Your Grace, I promise you, a little jolliness in a kingdom never did any king any harm. So keep everyone happy as you have always done and always will, by letting the course of love run smooth.

With Love,


In-depth #2

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to get myself hold of another mentor as my first one actually declined. Finally, last week, an old art teacher of mine, Mr. Williams, said he could be my mentor.

Before meeting him, I had done my own research about what kinds of paints I should use and brushes and  things like that. When I met up with him, he wanted to make a plan for how the project would go. I showed him my schedule for in-depth. That’s when our first difference occurred. He said in my plan, I had too much of focusing on one skill. He said I should just practice general strokes and play around with my paint once in a while. Maybe look at a video on YouTube or copy one from the internet. I took this as a suggestion as I was “willing to accept [it] as a ‘possibility’ [rather than] accept it as a ‘certainty'”(23). Together, we worked his suggestion into my plan. We made our plan the ‘best’ one we could devise. In our case, the ‘best’ plan would be the one where I learn most in terms of painting. My new plan now is the same plan from before but now, every week I shall paint some random thing; I just have to put some strokes and effort onto the paper.

A big frustration and obstacle in my way is not getting a mentor. Here is what I mean: Mr. Williams, in the later part of our meeting, said he couldn’t hold the responsibility of being my mentor. Not that he couldn’t but rather he didn’t have time for it. His only available times were weekday nights except for Friday, which I could not do except for Friday. For weekends, he was only available on Saturday evenings, which I, again, could not hold up to due to my own schedule.

Although I have not much success, I am well on my way in in-depth. I already completed a painting using small and basic techniques from the internet. Here is what it looks like:


Even though it’s pretty bad, I like the way I did my background. When I was watching a YouTube video for this kind of style, they showed me how to ‘blend’ the colours without ‘mixing’ them. This was one of the things I completely agreed with even though de Bono says not to do that. Not only was this because I “genuinely [sought] to find points of agreement in what the other person is saying”, but because I was so far a ‘blank canvas’ who had little experience, I learned a lot through the video but I had to agree with them because I had no points I could differ from. Here are some of the resources I have used so far:

ZIP Doc of Learning

1. What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change overtime? Why?

For ZIP this year, my inquiry question is, “What makes an effective meme?” I chose this question because of my passion for memes. We, myself included, have always laughed at, ridiculed and joked about memes. However, we never take the subject seriously. Ambitiously, I decided to take memes under my wing for ZIP. Near the beginning, my question revolved around the emotions that memes induce and what effects they have on people’s lives. I rejected that question due to lack of research on the topic and the broadness of the question.

2. What skills have you expanded on / learned during the inquiry process? How are these skills applicable to your success as a student?

The way I made memes was through a photo editing software called This software is free but is a lot like other photo editing programs like Photoshop. This skill could be helpful when making a poster for school projects, editing a photo on a paper for school, etc. I have digital media arts this semester so photo editing memes give me a benefit in that as well. I also got a feel for what in-depth would be like as ZIP is like an English oriented in-depth.

3. What did you learn about / what is your answer to this inquiry question? Remember to be specific and provide direct evidence from your research.

Memes are a big part of today’s society and internet culture. They have been a form of entertainment, communication, and opinion expression among other many things. Although there are a variety of memes that exist, there are several specific form factors that make certain memes “better” than others. The first and most important one is creativity or originality. If you see a meme you have already seen a couple times, it’s not going to be as funny as the first time you see it. Even if something is “original”, you might have seen something similar which can really detriment the effectiveness of a meme. A lot of other factors that make a meme better are not necessary but they can contribute. Some are necessary for a specific type of meme but are not required. Being able to relate to a meme increases the effectiveness because the viewer feels like they are part of the meme. Just like how a reader can connect to an event in a story, the viewer of a meme can not only understand the meme better but they can find the meme funnier as well. Relevance is an important factor because a lot of the time, memes deal with current events. If Trump says something funny in an interview, that might be the new meme everyone is laughing at the next morning.

4. In what ways does your final learning artefact demonstrate your learning / answer to your inquiry question? How does it connect to your chosen curricular competencies? Consider listing your competencies and including images, links, or excerpts from your work to demonstrate this.


5. What resources did you find useful during your inquiry and why were they useful? (Cite at least four resources you consulted, with links, and write a brief 50-100 response as to was important to your learning).


6. What new questions do you have about your inquiry? What motivates you or excites you about these questions?