27 thoughts on “In-Depth Final

  1. Really awesome job with your project this year! I spent way longer playing your Snake game than i would like to admit. Other than a couple grammatical errors I couldn’t find anything wrong with your project this year. Once again, amazing job!

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    1. I think Python is a very useful and diverse language that can be used in many different situations as a back-end language but I want to dive into somer other languages as well.


    1. I think the website took me the longest, as it had the most content. The calculator didn’t take me that long because I used it for learning python and the snake game is the one I faced the most difficulty with but I eventually got over it.


  2. Great start! Your programs took me right back to when I first started to program in school … 35 years ago I spent hours writing similar types of programs (but no website!). The possibilities for learning and creating are endless … keep having fun!

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  3. Hey, Prabigya! Awesome job! I really liked the snake game.

    I did web design for my Grade 9 In-Depth, but I ended up focusing on the visual aspect rather than the coding aspect. I saw that you’ve got stuff like parallax scrolling down, which is pretty darn cool!

    Onto some slight criticism: the fancy fonts, spelling mistakes, and somewhat odd layout made it kind of hard to read – not ideal if you’re making something professional.

    However, the diversity of stuff you were able to show off in the website more than makes up for my gripes with it. You’ve got parallax, a calculator, and a snake game. Did I mention I really liked the snake game?

    All in all, great work.

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  4. this looks super complex and it seems you learned a lot of new skills through this process, i was just wondering what is learning curve like? did you find that your learning plateaued sometimes when you learned this skill?

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    1. I think it all depends on the right resources for you. And yes, after you learn the basics, it gets easier to identify patterns and do more work off the top of your head. Thanks for asking!


  5. I love the website, the snek game especially! Great work, computer programming isn’t nearly as simple as it seems! Is Python the only language you know? What other languages would you like to learn?

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree that programming isn’t simple but if you take it one step at a time, it can become simple. I made the website in HTML, CSS, and JS so I’m pretty well versed in those, as well as Python. Next, I want to give a go at C++, maybe delve into the game making community as well.


    1. If she wants to give a go at web design, I recommend The Odin Project, which is free and is what I used to learn Javascript. Python may not be as entertaining but it certainly is interesting. I started with Scratch too and I still find it fun to this day.

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    1. Thank you! I think the best part is when I fix problems that took a long time. One example is when building the website, parts known as divs wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to and often moved around. When I did fix issues, it was satisfying and it’s what motivated me to progress.


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