In-Depth Blog Post #1

My in-depth project for 2020 is going to be programming. Which sounds kind of boring, I know. The idea of sitting in front of a computer for hours and writing a bunch of lines of text that most of the time don’t do anything doesn’t strike me as “exciting”, either. However, I hope that after sitting in front of the computer for a long enough time, I’ll be able to produce something exciting.

I think the reason why I was drawn to programming is the fact that it’s such a diverse topic and there could be so many products that one makes. By the end, I want to have finished about 3 or 4 of these products to show on the night of in-depth. I have a rough idea for what I want to do for these projects but what they are will depend upon what language I will be learning and my mentor.

Speaking of mentor, I have already found who that is; James is a professional programmer that I know from the Taekwondo place that I go to. I know his last name but I don’t know the spelling so I’m not going to type it up. Just in case because if I get it wrong, I’ll be disrespectful. At his workplace, James uses Python 2 for their projects. Although Python 2 is very good as a language, I want to learn Python 3. They are both very similar; however, Python 2 will not be receiving support after 2020. This is important for me because, I hope to pursue programming in the future. If I have expertise in a language that is further supported in the future rather than a dated one, it will be more useful. On the other hand, Python 2 is the language that my mentor knows best so it might be more practical. I have talked this little dilemma over with mentor and he says if I choose Python 3, it shouldn’t be a problem.

On the side, I am also going to use third party sources like YouTube and books to get information and to also learn or fix something. To get started, James recommended a website called Codecademy. In our first meeting I hope to gather information about tools I will be needing and how I can acquire them.

I will meet with James every other week on Sundays because that works with both of our schedules. We have decided to meet at the branch of the New West library on 6th Street because it’s close to where he lives and it is an easy transit for me.

Overall, I am really looking for to start in-depth for this year!

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