ZIP Proposal

What makes an effective meme?


What would you like to learn to do / what question would you like to pursue in your inquiry? Why did you choose this skill / question? What motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?

Memes have become the central source of humour on the internet which makes them very prominent in today’s society. I personally look and laugh at memes almost every day. When I look at them, I think about how clever they are sometimes and wonder how much thought was put into them. I sometimes see memes that I think are very witty, but they are not as viral as other ones. I would like to delve deeper into why that would be. I am very passionate about memes and I would like to see how changing different components affects the quality or “viralness” of them.

What do you currently know about this topic / skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

I know quite a bit about memes. As I said before, I look at them almost every day. I know the trends that are current right now, but I don’t know how they got there in the first place.

What is a specific list of skills that you hope to have expanded on / learned by the end of this assignment?

I hope to learn the factors that go into making not just a meme but anything viral. I might get into psychology and some linguistics to figure this out. I want to be able to analyze memes behind just the humour and see the creator’s thinking, and the processes they went through. At the end I also want to learn to make a successful meme.

Who can you approach for support during your work / research?

I can ask a lot of classmates who might be willing to give me their insight and knowledge as I know that some of them are quite knowledgeable in this field. Other than that, I can ask others in online forums and communities and maybe get a hold of an expert.

What are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your inquiry?

I myself, have online resources where I can analyze memes. I was also hoping to ask Mr. Morris for some books but I might also go to the library.

How might you demonstrate your learning at the end of your inquiry? What format or form (essay, in-class lesson, audio/video production, Pecha Kucha, artistic representation) might you use to highlight your work?

I will demonstrate my learning by making memes. I might have two very similar memes, but one would be better based on the research I had done.

What is your schedule for learning? Include a calendar with a tentative plan as to how you will use your time both in and out of class.

Jan 3 – 8 – Proposal

Jan 7 – 13 – Research and Analysis and create assessment rubric for connecting to the curriculum

Jan 14 -20 – Alternate between Research and Analysis and making memes

Jan 21 – 27 – Finish making memes and plan out presentation

Jan 28 – Present!


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