Novel Study: First response to THE HATE U GIVE

What first strikes out at me in this scene was when Starr throws her instinct out the window and gives in to the urge to see Khalil. As she says in the story herself, her instinct tells her not to, “but everything else says [to] check on Khalil.” This highlights her as a very caring person towards the people she is close with. When Starr and Khalil first confront Officer One-Fifteen in the car, she is calm and analyzes the situation. This is one of her strengths, but I believe her compassion towards others overrules that. Before this scene even happens, Starr and Khalil were already heading home. There were shots fired at the party they were at, so I see the encounter with the police heightening their fear and urgency to get home. Starr’s fear elevates when Khalil keeps objecting the officer’s commands. It leads up to the officer letting bullets fly, brutally killing Khalil in the process. “[She] scream[s] loud enough for the both of [them].” Although one-fifteen is the major obstacle in this scene, other conflicts arise within her. Khalil’s death reminds her of another friend she watched die. It causes her pain, as in her own head, she’s watching two people she was very close with, be gone. Her decision making was a conflict as well. It overrides her safety instincts which could’ve caused her harm. Personally, I wouldn’t have done anything different than what Starr did. Seeing a childhood friend be murdered right in front of your eyes would be enough to emotionally overwhelm anyone, I imagine.

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