Independent Novel Study: First Response to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The way Christopher handles the situation both surprised and impressed when he gets arrested. Acts of him punching the police and staying calm in that situation solidifies him as peculiar character that always sticks to their morals. When the policeman “[takes] hold of [his] arm and [lifts him] onto [his] feet,” Christopher hits him (8). It shows that even thought Christopher has been taught “that it is wrong to hit a policeman”, he does it anyway because the principles that define the way he behaves, control his thoughts and actions, far more than rules imposed by the government (17). Simply “[not liking] [the policeman] touching [him]” was enough of an incentive to break the law. It highlights Christopher as a stubborn person as well; he listens to little of what others tell him to do. It doesn’t matter whether it is the law or his father, he will do what he wants unless forced to otherwise. Having the audacity to say that “it wasn’t an accident” when he hit the police officer shows that he fears nobody (18). He does not stray from his ethics of honesty even to get out of a serious situation regarding the law.

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