Science 9: TALON/TED Talk 2019

This Ted Talk project was very enjoyable to work on as I really like the topic that I chose. It was different from other finals as there is a lot of creative space you can work with. I did have some issues with YouTube however I got fixed after calling YouTube. Without a further ado, here is my Ted Talk of 2019!



Fighting Fire with Fire: Killing bacteria with virus


5 thoughts on “Science 9: TALON/TED Talk 2019

  1. This was an great Talons Talk. I like how you chose an important topic that isn’t really considered in our daily lives. I find it neat how you made the intro extremely impactful, setting the tension and mood for this valuable topic. I also found meaningful pictures throughout your talk, not too confusing, but useful. I really enjoyed the comedy you included, however, I think it ruined the serious mood of this topic. Something you could improve on is the size of your images. They all had meaning, however, the text was too small and difficult to read. A question I have for you is how we could limit or negate the effects of antibiotic overuse? Overall it was a fun talk to listen to and I learned a lot from it.

    – Masa


  2. Good job Prabigya!!! I really liked the variety in video types from filming yourself, to a short edit, and then a powerpoint at the end. It kept me engaged the whole time I was fascinated with your topic. I think that with a little bit more practice you would be able to work out all the little kinks but overall a great ted talk!! What could you suggest as steps to implement Bacteriophages into Canada’s health system? Are there any downsides?



  3. Hello Prabigya,
    I enjoyed your TED talk. It was very informative, and you were quite creative with the camera angles! You had a clear voice and maintained eye contact. It was very enjoyable to watch. I did not know that bacteriophages more accurate and specific antibiotics. Furthermore, I did not know that antibiotics killed off good bacteria. Just a quick question, what types of research and experimentation is necessary to develop bacteriophages? I really enjoyed your TED talk!



  4. I loved your TALON Talk! The dramatic music and floorboards were very engaging! The wittiness, music, and scientific evidence worked hand in hand with the creation of an excellent, interesting talk! Your voice was very clear and easy to follow along with. If I have one question it would be, “do antibiotics have more positive or negative impacts, and how could we regulate the negative ones?”



  5. Very insightful talk! Your script was very detailed and went in depth to various sub topics and terminology. I applaud your very creative and engaging intro which really pulled me in and captured my attention fo your presentation. The charts, drawings and diagrams you had were useful but the text was a little small to fully read properly, which Is a wish I would take into consideration next time. A question I have for you is after doing this thorough research on your topic, what else would you go back and investigate further? What areas are you most interested in to continue researching on your own time?
    – Michaela


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