Animal Farm Guided Inquiry #1

What conditions are needed for a revolution to occur? Based on your reading so far, what is the most significant factor leading the animals to revolution?

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the most significant factor that lead the animals to revolt is how poorly the humans were taking care of the animals. As a result of this, Mayor, a wise old pig whom all animals respect, gives a speech that spurs the animals to revolt. He says that humans are “the only creature that consumes without producing […] [yet] [they are] the lord of all animals,” revealing to the other animals that humans are the problem and the animals need to step up (2). He gives examples such as, “gallons of milk […] [going] down the throat of [their] enemies” and “young porkers [who] will scream [their] lives out at the block within a year” (2-3). Major also calls attention to the fact that not only are their enemies consuming what the animals rightfully  produced, but they also give less reward and appreciation to those very animals. The animals ” are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies,” which means the humans don’t feed them to fulfill their stomachs after doing work. Eventually after a profound and convincing speech, he is met with a “tremendous uproar” (3). This speech also highlight certain conditions in order for a revolution to occur. After the speech, nearly everyone realizes they have been treated like slaves and decides to side with Major. Besides numbers siding with the idea of revolution, another condition is that a lack of fairness has to be dealt to the minority, which in this case are the animals. In conclusion, the inequality between the humans and the animals and Major’s speech, which pushed this idea, is the most significant factor as to why the animals revolted.

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