DOL #1: Sourcing a Significant Personal Object



Inquiry Question

What is the story of my Nintendo 3DS?


My 3DS is a primary source that shows my experiences and what I was like when I was younger through the item itself. Nintendo created it in 2011. It was manufactured in China.


Nintendo was going through a major decline in sales at the time but that didn’t stop them from still making products. However, the drop in sales could’ve meant that employees would have been fired which would slow down the process of making new products. An earthquake also hit Japan in the spring of 2011 which might have impacted the rate at which they work. Also, more powerful home consoles were on the rise and giving major competition to Nintendo.


The device has quite a lot of hours on it which can tell you how long the user has been using it for. A piece of edge is broken off and missing which tells you it has probably been damaged by dropping, falling, or by some other accident. I cannot explain how it works even though one side connecting the top and bottom can unhinge.

Inferences About Perspective

The creator belongs to Nintendo which is a titan in the video game industry. They made this source for kids who want to play video games who want to play wherever and not just at home. Although it was aimed at kids, it could be used by anyone as the device can run games for all ages. The cut in sales really didn’t affect Nintendo’s quality of work which shows that they value the quality of their product more than money.

Inferences About Inquiry Question

From examining this source, I learned the story of the source and the story of those who made the source. It extended my knowledge about what I knew and how they made it so that the source would somehow get into my hands. I have further questions about what the creator are planning to do with the 3DS after some time because they are going to eventually stop selling them. What’s next?

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