In-depth 3

The amount of progress I have made since the last post has surprised even me. I have a new set of brushes, ones that don’t leave hairs lying on my paper after use, unlike my old ones. These new brushes are exactly what I was looking for before and now I have them. I had my set of paints for some time now; they are vibrant and work brilliantly. Now that I have all may materials, I can work without hassles.

I attended a walk-in art class in Port Moody which I am very appreciative for as, sadly, I still do not have a mentor. I have sent out four emails since the beginning to acquire a mentor. Two declined and two haven’t responded yet and I don’t think they ever will. My latest one has been to the Port Moody Art Centre, asking if one of their instructors could be the one. I think my emails informative and intriguing, but they certainly didn’t seem to think so. This has actually been quite upsetting but I do not plan to stop. I plan to go to two different Art Centres in person this week asking for a mentor.

Nevertheless, I still managed to have small conversations with the instructor during the art class that I attended. Whenever I asked a question to engage in conversation, the instructor answered in detail and was very passionate. She was interesting because she was “speculative”(46). Instead of giving me answers she suggested I try different things. As de Bono says, “It is always important to get to the truth but being interesting is more important than winning an argument”(52). Instead of telling me a specific way to do it or showing me how, she showed me that “possibilities can then be explored – even if they are finally rejected”(44).

During the class, I learned different effects of warm and cool colours and how they affect background and foreground. Here is an example of something similar I did:

Image result for warm  cool colours painting contrast

I also learned some essential techniques which I definitely will use in the future. I will start taping the canvas of paper down before I start. Sometimes when I paint, the paper moves and it has obstructed some of my paintings. The art class I attended had the paper taped to the desks when we walked in and it proved invaluable. The tape was also like a focusing tool as it drew my eyes in and encouraged me to focus. Another big tip I learned is wetting the paper before I start. A little bit of moisture allowed the paint to flow easier. I felt a little bit more in control as I didn’t add all the water later either. I would do this before and I made a mess because of how water was in the paper instead of on.

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