Letter to Theseus

Dear Your Highness and Grace, my beloved King Theseus,

I am writing you this letter to persuade you in the hopes of letting the course of destiny and true love run smooth. Demetrius and I were destined to be together. He loved me once, and I have always loved him. But the problem is that he has stopped loving me and started going after my best friend! My best friend, however, loves some other man whom I have no business with. And the man loves her back! How adorable that is. So, why not let them be a happy couple and let us also be a happy couple. If he has loved me before, why cannot he love me again? True, there is a law stating that one must listen to parent and wed whom the parent sees fit; but please try to show some empathy, my lord. What if you could not love Hippolyta because of some foolish law forbade you? Defiant and strong, I am sure your love knows no bounds. The law of love overpowers any law, even that of the gods. Our love, and everyone’s love is the same. Another reason why Demetrius is not suitable for Hermia is because he is not loyal. His love for me was like lightning; it was very strong, but within an instant it was gone. I am afraid he might leave Hermia as he left me. I do not want my best friend to suffer such a fate. Do not let her die, at the very least, her her alive. Your Grace, I promise you, a little jolliness in a kingdom never did any king any harm. So keep everyone happy as you have always done and always will, by letting the course of love run smooth.

With Love,


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