In-depth #2

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to get myself hold of another mentor as my first one actually declined. Finally, last week, an old art teacher of mine, Mr. Williams, said he could be my mentor.

Before meeting him, I had done my own research about what kinds of paints I should use and brushes and  things like that. When I met up with him, he wanted to make a plan for how the project would go. I showed him my schedule for in-depth. That’s when our first difference occurred. He said in my plan, I had too much of focusing on one skill. He said I should just practice general strokes and play around with my paint once in a while. Maybe look at a video on YouTube or copy one from the internet. I took this as a suggestion as I was “willing to accept [it] as a ‘possibility’ [rather than] accept it as a ‘certainty'”(23). Together, we worked his suggestion into my plan. We made our plan the ‘best’ one we could devise. In our case, the ‘best’ plan would be the one where I learn most in terms of painting. My new plan now is the same plan from before but now, every week I shall paint some random thing; I just have to put some strokes and effort onto the paper.

A big frustration and obstacle in my way is not getting a mentor. Here is what I mean: Mr. Williams, in the later part of our meeting, said he couldn’t hold the responsibility of being my mentor. Not that he couldn’t but rather he didn’t have time for it. His only available times were weekday nights except for Friday, which I could not do except for Friday. For weekends, he was only available on Saturday evenings, which I, again, could not hold up to due to my own schedule.

Although I have not much success, I am well on my way in in-depth. I already completed a painting using small and basic techniques from the internet. Here is what it looks like:


Even though it’s pretty bad, I like the way I did my background. When I was watching a YouTube video for this kind of style, they showed me how to ‘blend’ the colours without ‘mixing’ them. This was one of the things I completely agreed with even though de Bono says not to do that. Not only was this because I “genuinely [sought] to find points of agreement in what the other person is saying”, but because I was so far a ‘blank canvas’ who had little experience, I learned a lot through the video but I had to agree with them because I had no points I could differ from. Here are some of the resources I have used so far:

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