ZIP Doc of Learning

1. What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change overtime? Why?

For ZIP this year, my inquiry question is, “What makes an effective meme?” I chose this question because of my passion for memes. We, myself included, have always laughed at, ridiculed and joked about memes. However, we never take the subject seriously. Ambitiously, I decided to take memes under my wing for ZIP. Near the beginning, my question revolved around the emotions that memes induce and what effects they have on people’s lives. I rejected that question due to lack of research on the topic and the broadness of the question.

2. What skills have you expanded on / learned during the inquiry process? How are these skills applicable to your success as a student?

The way I made memes was through a photo editing software called This software is free but is a lot like other photo editing programs like Photoshop. This skill could be helpful when making a poster for school projects, editing a photo on a paper for school, etc. I have digital media arts this semester so photo editing memes give me a benefit in that as well. I also got a feel for what in-depth would be like as ZIP is like an English oriented in-depth.

3. What did you learn about / what is your answer to this inquiry question? Remember to be specific and provide direct evidence from your research.

Memes are a big part of today’s society and internet culture. They have been a form of entertainment, communication, and opinion expression among other many things. Although there are a variety of memes that exist, there are several specific form factors that make certain memes “better” than others. The first and most important one is creativity or originality. If you see a meme you have already seen a couple times, it’s not going to be as funny as the first time you see it. Even if something is “original”, you might have seen something similar which can really detriment the effectiveness of a meme. A lot of other factors that make a meme better are not necessary but they can contribute. Some are necessary for a specific type of meme but are not required. Being able to relate to a meme increases the effectiveness because the viewer feels like they are part of the meme. Just like how a reader can connect to an event in a story, the viewer of a meme can not only understand the meme better but they can find the meme funnier as well. Relevance is an important factor because a lot of the time, memes deal with current events. If Trump says something funny in an interview, that might be the new meme everyone is laughing at the next morning.

4. In what ways does your final learning artefact demonstrate your learning / answer to your inquiry question? How does it connect to your chosen curricular competencies? Consider listing your competencies and including images, links, or excerpts from your work to demonstrate this.


5. What resources did you find useful during your inquiry and why were they useful? (Cite at least four resources you consulted, with links, and write a brief 50-100 response as to was important to your learning).


6. What new questions do you have about your inquiry? What motivates you or excites you about these questions?

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