Statement Response: Authors should not be able to use racist language in their writing

When I write, there is a notion of freedom that uplifts me and encourages me to write more. If that freedom of speech is taken away, we lose an essential aspect of writing. So authors SHOULD be allowed to use racist language in their writing. When they create a separate world by writing, they shouldn’t be restrained by what society deems to be politically correct. If the author is writing a book based in a specific place, they should use dialect and slang from that area. That includes offensive ones, as the slurs can add depth and honesty to the overall feel of the book. If someone gets offended by the writing, all he or she has to do is stop reading. If authors exploit the ability to use racial language, it can take away from the book. An example is Mark Twain. He used it to emphasize certain elements in his stories and made them more thoughtful of time and place. In conclusion, authors should be able to use racial language; they shouldn’t condemn their own writing based on what the world believes to be politically correct.

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