Awesome Alex

Having various interests that are or like mine, I believe Alex is the best roommate for me. We could not only talk about and do things that we both already like and know but we could also build upon each other and discovering new things. As an avid basketball player, Alex is not only good at playing basketball but skills that he needs to play basketball. Like communication. Because basketball is a team sport, it demands communication. I think this will lead us to having engaging and fun conversations. But the thing with Alex is he not such a straightforward character with just basketball as his only interest. He has other interests like art and reading which are some of my interests as well. Also, with art and reading being quiet activities, it means Alex and I could have quiet time as well. Which I can appreciate. So, not only does Alex have diverse skill sets and passions but he is also a friend I can talk to which makes him the best roommate for me.

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